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Janet H

Janet lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and one neurotic Border Collie.

 Articles by this Author

Buying or selling an Airstream?  We can help. The AIR classifieds are free and offered as a membership benefit and our pages are lively and sometimes surprising, with a special focus on vintage Airstreams and hard to find parts.

Propane Tanks

Propane is used by Airstreamers to fuel stoves, provide heat and even heat water. Carried on the front tongue of the trailer, well maintained propane tanks are a necessity for campers who want to be self contained and able to camp anywhere in comfort.

For owners of smaller or vintage Airstreams, finding space to store personal items and travel necessities can present a unique challenge.  Got stuff?  Stow it.

Some folks camp to get away from everyone and everything but for many, finding a group of like-minded individuals who also love to camp sounds like the perfect time.

Water left in lines to freeze can cause extensive and expensive repairs and winterizing is a simple undertaking. This annual task is a good time to check systems and take one last look before buttoning up for the winter.

Regardless of whether you choose to do this job yourself or have an RV service center do this, it still must be done annually in most parts of North America.

Chances are good that you will own your trailer for many years.  Choose your trailer based on projected use, not the current capacity of your tow vehicle.  Vehicles come and go, Airstreams last a looong time.

For the first time RV shopper, deciding what size will be just perfect is a substantial dilemma.  Many first time towers are inclined to buy the smallest trailer possible to ease into towing, only to discover that they need more space.

Forum Rallies

Forum members love to camp! Try your hand at organizing a rally, we can help.

Host a movie night at your next rally or get together.  Outdoor movies are fun for all ages and surprisingly easy to set up.

Step by step instructions to modify and install a three piece rockguard on an Argosy Minuet.  A do-it-yourself guide to an important job!