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Storage solutions for small spaces
Janet H
Janet lives in the Pacific Northwest with her family and one neurotic Border Collie. 
By Janet H
Published on 10/7/2008
For owners of smaller or vintage Airstreams, finding space to store personal items and travel necessities can present a unique challenge.  Got stuff?  Stow it.

Airstream configurations are as varied as the folks who own them. So are packing styles. Some travelers jam in two weeks' worth of gear for a long weekend. Others pack a bit too lightly and forget important things like medicine or a rain coat. Savvy campers strike the perfect balance and bring just what they need.

Packing light is an art. Do you really need 4 pairs of shoes? Avoid bringing along bulky clothing, instead choose items that can be layered to achieve the same effect.  If you are a fashion-forward dresser, select clothes that can be mixed and matched to achieve some variety.

Pack smart and use every bit of available space.  Airstreams aren’t square and neither are the items you bring along. If you have a tall skinny storage space, use it for tall skinny items! Bedding can take a huge amount of space to store.  If you have stow your bedding every day, consider getting rid of bulky blankets and instead choose a down comforter with a washable duvet cover.  Crushable down can be stuffed into a very small space and you will sleep in warm luxury. Consider purchasing a high tech, micro fiber bath towel instead or a traditional terry cloth towel.  It will dry more quickly and takes up a quarter of the storage space.

Down size your trash can and take the trash out every day instead or storing it and if you have storage space that is difficult to access, use it for items that you must have along, but rarely use.  Tools, fishing gear, extra toilet chemicals and paper or other items that may not be needed, but must be packed are all candidates for hard to reach space.

Pack out of the box.  Lose the packaging before you leave home. If you like to pack a lot of spices try out a bead sorting tower from your local craft supply store instead of many bottles of seasoning. 

Use your fridge - all of it. Often fridges have a lot of empty space; remember that you can store non-perishable items in the fridge, just be sure to leave enough space for air circulation. Leave suitcases and toilet kits at home, pack your clothes directly into trailer cabinets and drawers and load your toilet items into bathroom storage. Instead of using throw pillows on your gaucho, use pillow shams and stuff them with bulky items like coats, extra bedding or towels.

Chocks, Stands & Steps.  These bulky, often muddy items can be stored in a container and either packed last just inside the door or in the back of your tow vehicle.  When you are set up at your camp site, tuck the storage container under your trailer and use as a recycle bin.  Many parks have recycling available at the front gate and at the end of your stay you can empty the bin and reload with the chocks, stabilizer jacks and levelers. You may also want to pack muddy boots in this bin.

Practice makes perfect.  At the end of a trip, make a note of items that you didn’t use and remember to leave them at home next trip.  With some attention to detail, you should be able to fit all the items you need into the tiniest Airstream.