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By AIR Editor
Published on 10/28/2007
Happiness is found in many ways.  Dreaming of 'Streaming is a regular pastime for many Airstream owners.

Airstream Dreams
Story submitted by member dijer.

"I do love youuuu, oooo oo-oo, yes I do-oo girl..." 

That Motown classic by Billy Stewart was oozing through my ear buds as I waxed my Bambi yet again.  It was the perfect song for buffing, for singing along as I rubbed the smooth, shiny aluminum curves and gazed at the distant horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

The day was clear, brilliant and lit by pure tropical sunlight.  The water reflected a deep blue green color that you must see to believe.  That musical moment, when I looked up and realized yet again how perfect life can be, is etched in my mind.  Lucky me, because I need to draw on that memory often since I am far away from that lovely and horrific spot on the edge of the world, and away from my Bambi.

Earlier this year we moved from our Hawaiian beach house to reside on the East coast of the US.  The Hawaiian environment was harsh and Bambi required a lot of upkeep, so we made the decision not to keep her on the island or sell her to anyone who might not give her the grooming she deserved.  Bambi was shipped back to the mainland and ignominiously sits next to a cinder block wall.  Plans are in the works to bring her here, but for now, she just waits.

In the meantime, we have acquired a new Bambi view.

Our backyard forest
provides immense daily pleasure; looking out I just want to sing "I do love youuuu, oooo oo-oo yes I do-oo...."

dijer has been an AIR member since June, 2006 and lives in Hawaii.